Things to Avoid When Playing Online Slots

Casino Tips For Online Slots

Online slots have become the most popular games available to online casino players worldwide. There are plenty to choose from, each with different themes, bonus features and jackpot prizes to be won.  

One of the perks of having so many to choose from is that you can find the online slots that work for you. The selection is so big that you don’t have to play all of them, instead, you can choose to be selective.  

Online slots are also the easiest games to play as all you need to do is click the spin button and wait for the reels to determine your fate. That being said, there are a few mistakes you can make when playing these games.  

Tips Playing Online Slots

Here are some of the most common mistakes players make when playing online slots and how to avoid making them.  

Playing with Auto-spin and no loss limit 

One of the many safety features most online casinos offer is setting a loss limit. This feature helps you prevent overspending or going into debt while playing slot games. Another great feature most online slots offer is Auto-spin which enables you to automatically spin the reels for a few rounds without having to click any buttons. You set your bet amount, the number of spins you want automated and press play.  

The big mistake most make is not using these features together. Auto-Spin is convenient but it can also result in big losses when not applying a loss limit. Unless you have a large bankroll and can afford to lose a few rounds it’s important to apply a loss limit. You don’t want to blink and find yourself in debt after the automated 50 spins.   

And if there is no loss limit feature then keep your bet amount low or go for another slot or fewer spins in a row. Winning isn’t guaranteed and it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry.  

Expecting big pay-outs from high volatility slots 

Most inexperienced players think that high-volatility slots offer the biggest payouts or that these payouts are a sure thing. In reality, high volatility simply means you can expect dynamic gameplay and that there are no small wins. It does not mean winnings are frequent and big payouts are a given. In most cases, these slots offer infrequent pay-outs that can take a few spins or a few hours of spins.  

A big payout could happen at any point for any player but it doesn’t mean it will be you. When playing high volatility slots do it for the thrill of the risk and definitely don’t chase your losses. Things almost always go wrong when you think you can make back your losses by playing a few more spins on a high volatility slot.  

Not understanding the RTP 

The Return To Player percentage of every game differs and in most cases, the RTP is different during the base game and the bonus feature rounds for many slots. The RTP is an estimated return the slot gives on gameplay but like mentioned above, there is no guarantee that you will be the lucky player to receive the pay-out.  

Also, keep in mind that the RTP value can be different as the base game could offer a 98.2% RTP while the free spins round of the slot simply offers a 94.6% pay-out. Bonus rounds don’t guarantee big pay-outs or wins of the same value as the base game.  

The RTP is based on the game and not allocated to individual players so while you might spend $100 on the game you might not be the lucky player to hit that big win return. The RTP is simply a mathematical calculation that is based on millions of spins and shows how much you could potentially win back from your wager.  

Underestimating the importance of hit frequency 

Many inexperienced players believe that RTP should be the main focus in choosing the right slot to win. The Hit Frequency is a calculation that shows you how likely it is for any given slot to cash-out. The Hit Frequency can be anything between 20% and 40% but again this differs from slot to slot.  

When selecting a slot game to play it’s important to take the hit frequency into account as it is even more important than the RTP. The higher it is, the more frequently you are likely to receive a pay-out.  

Targeting progressive jackpots instead of max wins 

Many players opt for the slots that offer progressive jackpots as these offer life-changing prizes. The problem is that a lot of people are playing them which is why the jackpot continues to get bigger and bigger. At some point, it will be triggered but it’s not guaranteed that it will be you.  

When playing for fun or aiming for millions in wins then these slot games are what you want to play. However, keep in mind that these generally only hit when you are playing at the maximum bet amount. Which could ultimately lead to your bankroll being drained before you have the chance to trigger the millions.  

Most online slots have a set maximum win that doesn’t require you to play the maximum bet amount. Find a slot with a high Hit Frequency and a good overall RTP and maximum win amount. It’s often easier to get lucky on these rather than progressives.  

Keep in mind that winning is never guaranteed and online slots will always be games of chance. Play for the fun of it but make sure you choose your slots wisely.