How To Win is one of those unicorn-rare realms where you can spin all day, win cash prizes and it won’t cost you a penny!

Every month we host fantastic new Shield Quests. Lucky Quest Shields will be randomly dispersed among the free video slots and pokies we’ve got for you to play. Pssssst, we even reviewed them so you can see which slots we adored.

Play these free slot machines and when a Quest Shield pops up you can “Claim It” to get entries into the prize draw. The more Quest Shields you find the more entries you get! Yes, setting out on this adventure with you makes us a little giddy but we’re not fooling around.

Be the hero of our online slot wonderland – come spin and win with!


1. Thou Shalt Seek The Shields

Play our free online slots and read our game reviews, while you do this you stand the chance to stumble upon the hidden Quest Shields.

Each Quest Shield is worth 1 entry and can only be claimed once per day.

Be sure to enjoy the whole site as you never know where the sneaky Quest Shields are lurking.

2. Thou Shalt Play Daily

The magic that lets us exchange the Quest Shields you find into entries only works once per day.

The Quest Shields will reset daily, and the transformative magic will recharge, so be sure to come back daily to re-join the hunt for hidden Quest Shields to claim more entries!

3. Thou Shalt Seek The Unicorn

While it is true that you can only claim one entry per day by hunting down Quest Shields there is a legend that speaks of a mythical Unicorn Shield.

Finding the Unicorn Shield while visiting our realm will multiply your total Shield Quest entries by up to 12x!

The Unicorn Shield won’t be easy to find but will be worth it!

4. Thou Shalt Claim It

When you find a Quest Shield or the Unicorn Shield you will need to Claim It in order to get the entry or the entry multiplier.

Claiming it lets The Guild keep track of how many entries you have. Plus it’s how we know where to reach you when it’s time to collect your winnings!

5. And On The 5th Day

By the 5th day of the month after the end of a Shield Quest all winners will be selected!

The lucky Adventurers will be notified of their good fortune by email.

The Guild shall use the magical portal at to allow the spirit of the Shield Quest to select the worthy Adventurers!