Castle Builder II – Online Slot Review

Castle Builder II Online Slot Review

Castle Builder II is an unusual 5 reels and 15 paylines video slot powered by Rabcat for Microgaming. The slot introduces you to a whole new world where actual gaming and cash winnings come together. The slot is the sequel to the original Castle Builder slot. This version of the slot is basically just an upgrade to the original with higher variance but fear not as this only means the winnings are even better.

If you’ve ever played the game, Minecraft, then you’ll definitely find Castle Builder II appealing. The slot is like a hybrid between a video slot and a video game. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers a more interactive online gaming experience. You get to build castles, gain experience and finally marry the beautiful princess.

The slot is perfect for players with different bankrolls as it can be played from as little as 0.01 per line to a maximum of 2 coins per line. This totals in a minimum of 0.15 coins per spin or a maximum of 30 coins per spin. If you haven’t played Castle Builder yet then we’d suggest you start with a lower coin bet value first. Just until you get used to the way the slot works.

Look & Feel

Castle Builder II Online Slot

Visually Castle Builder II is a masterpiece, it is one of the best designed slots that allows you to get lost in the theme completely. The best part is that the visuals change with the regions you enter. The reels are small enough for you to enjoy the beautiful animated backdrop of your chosen region. The slot has 3 avatars you get to choose from. Each character is named, there is Sam, Mandy and Igor. The latter can only be unlocked and he is a master builder with additional privileges but we’ll get to that in the bonus feature section.

Throughout the game you mission is to collect building material which is conveniently the main focus on the reels. The symbols are all suppliers and include wood, bricks, granite, iron, gold and treasure. There is also a crown and the king is the wild of the slot. You will notice that there is a meter in the top left corner of the where you get to track your progress. There are 15 different kingdoms to explore ranging from vast deserts to peaceful provinces, snowy mountains and wild jungles. For the more daring there is also a lava covered building area to explore.

Sound & Score

The soundtrack is quite old school, it’s a medieval tune that calms the nerves as you try impress the king to hopefully get his approval for marrying his daughter. It’s perfect, soothing and transports you back in time to when castles and kingdoms were surrounded by the beauty of nature. The sound works perfectly with the medieval theme of the slot and the animated graphics that support it.

Bonus features and Gameplay

Avatars & their features:

When you first open the game you will be taken to a screen where you get to choose your avatar. Each avatar has its own special features it unlocks.


The first avatar is Sam, a master builder that holds no extra perks except for being a speedy builder. With him as your avatar you will definitely build your castles in record time.

Mandy & Free Spins:

Then there is Mandy, the charm card, she’s a bit slower with the building but with her as your avatar you get free spins. To trigger the free spins feature you need to land three scatters. You’ll start with 10 free spins with no additional multipliers or extras.


As mentioned earlier Igor needs to be unlocked, he only becomes part of the equation when you complete the game by building all the castles with Sam or Mandy. Igor is a Master builder and a winning wild card. With him as your character you’ll quickly complete your castle building task while also making way for expanded wilds to fill your reels.

The 4 Cups:

You might think that the main mission of the game is to finish building all the castles and then it’s over. You’d be wrong. The slot has three cups namely bronze, silver, and gold and diamond. The first time you finish the game you’d have obtained the bronze cup. Each time you move on to the next cup your avatar’s skill increases which means the bonus features get even better. Not only that but the RTP of the slot increases and you’ll get more frequent payouts.

The Bronze Cup has a 95.5% payout rate, the Silver increases the payout rate to 96.25%, the gold rises to 97% and finally the diamond cup gets you a payout rate of 97.75%.

Building the Castles:

After choosing your avatar you need to start spinning the reels to build the castles, in each kingdom there is a castle that needs to be built almost entirely from scratch. Each win created from supplies will help create a building block. Once your building block is complete you will ‘build’ a part of the castle. At the start you will need about 6 building blocks to complete a castle but it gets more difficult as you head towards the diamond cup.

The Royal Wedding Click Me Feature:

Once you complete building a castle you will enter a Click Me bonus feature before you get to move on to the next castle. During this feature you get to help the princess choose a suitor. The more wins you got during the building process the bigger the bonus prizes will be. Each suitor is linked to a bonus prize which will only be revealed once you’ve made your pick.

Is it worth playing?

Yes! Castle Builder II might seem a bit confusing but once you’ve got the hang of it you won’t be able to keep yourself from playing. This online slot is incredibly fun and keeps you entertained through the little tasks you have to complete, it also helps that you get to up your skill levels while playing. If you need a break from old-fashioned casino slots then Castle Builder II is ideal for you. Just bear in mind that this little gem can become incredibly addictive. Not only will you be tempted to finish building all 15 kingdoms more than once, you’ll also be tempted to marry a variety of princesses to bag those bonus prizes.