ShieldQuest: Santa Sweepstake – December 2017

Can you believe that we’ll soon be ringing in the New Year! Before that raucous day however we get to experience the joy of Xmas where we spend too much, eat too much, spend time with family (often too much) and generally shake off the stress of the year.

We’ve tracked down some silly Santa facts to help you through the silly season! Check out our interesting titbits and claim your daily free Sweepstake entry!

How to play:

  1. Visit the game listed below to on the dates listed
  2. Read our silly Santa fact (just for fun)
  3. Claim your entry via the form

Keep in mind you can claim one entry every day (so a max of 31 in December), not just on the first day a new fact is added to the site!

Check out our festive facts on:

  1. December 01-06: Flowers
  2. December 07-12: Goldilocks and the Wild Bears
  3. December 13-18: Seasons
  4. December 19-26: Starburst
  5. December 27-31: Reel Rush