ShieldQuest Sweepstake – November 2017

Have you seen the news lately? Superheroes everywhere! With all these new movies, cartoons and even slot machines it seems Superheroes don’t have the time to keep us safe from Super Villains!

We need your help in tracking down and catching the 6 dangerously cute super villains running wild on!

You can claim one ShieldQuest Sweepstake Entry for each Super Villain you track down and capture during November 2017! Our hero!

How to Play:

  1. Visit the game listed in the Villain Tracker on the relevant dates
  2. Search the game page to find & capture the cute Super Villain
  3. Claim your Sweepstake Entry via the email form

Important! Only one “capture” per day will be counted towards the November 2017 Sweepstake draw.