Arcader – Online Slot Review

Arcader Online Slot Review Feature

The inspiration behind Thunderkicks Arcader slot seems to be the early days of home gaming with the retro, technology-theme. For those who are new to the pixelated look in this slot don’t fear, it definitely might have an Olden Days look but it most certainly is not an old or outdated slot.

The 5 reel and 15 payline slot comes with plenty of quality features which include Sticky Wilds, Expanding Wilds, Free Spins and Multipliers as well as a Mystery Bonus Game.

Players from the golden days with slots like Commodore 64 and other proper old school games will be reminded of some of the best times of their lives when they take this beauty for a spin.

Arcader Online Slot Review

Look and Feel

Prepare for some old school visuals with a kick. Arcader has a standard Wild slot and this substitutes for everything apart from the scatter, mystery and bonus.

Thunderkick has managed to create an awesome slot which looks amazing. It’s very difficult to revive something from the past but Thunderkick has managed to breathe new air into the pixelated old school feel.

The best thing about this slot is that the look and feel attract everyone and not just the older gamers who are looking to relive the olden days. Each and every person will find the look and feel of this slot appealing with the blocky graphics and the pixelated feature versions of classic arcade symbols such as the Cherries, Lemons, bells and Bars.

The background will make you feel like you’ve teleported to a virtual game world on the moon. Honestly, this slot has been successfully designed to make the unrealistic feel incredibly realistic.

Sounds and Score

The sounds will have you at the point of a million childhood memory flashbacks in not time while keeping you entertained and locked in on your screen.

Think back to the days when you got all excited when your mom told you that you are going to the arcade. You’d tell all your friends about it and will hardly be able to contain yourself when you get there. As you walk through the mall you start getting more and more excited. You can hear the sound of an alien version of a gun shooting, a crackle here, a high pitch sound there, and the arcade voice saying “You Win”.

That is exactly what you can expect with the Thunderkick slot. Plus it always helps to have a voice in the background telling you how great or awesome you are whenever you win something. We all need that little bit of motivation every now and again.

Gameplay and features

Arcader is definitely jam-packed with lots of bonus features. These include the Expander, Mystery game, Free Spins and Multipliers. All coming together to give you plenty of winning possibility.

Arcader Expander:

This symbol is a type of wild that expands over all the reels if it can create a win. The crux is that it will only match one symbol but it always chooses the most valuable symbol.

Arcader Bonus:

The big green ‘B’ is what you need if you want to land here. When you have three or more anywhere on the reels you will score 9 Spins with a multiplier that could go up to 9x.

Every spin is another chance that one position on reels two, three and four will be changed into sticky wilds. These will stick to the reels for the next spin in order to help you create more winning lines.

Mystery Game:

When you land three or more of the ‘M’ symbols it will trigger the Mystery Game as a second bonus feature where you get to pick. You will be expected to choose from the grid of pixelated symbols available. Each symbol is worth a different amount of cash. This round continues until you find a red ‘X’ which tells you that your bonus round is now over.

Is it worth playing?

Yes. This online slot is definitely one of the best things that have ever been created. I’m not even going to deny that it is one of my favourites. But then again, with multiple ways of winning extra money who wouldn’t? Prepare to welcome the old as the new and have hours and hours of reel spinning fun.

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