Babushkas – Online Slot Review

Babushkas Online Slot

Babushkas is a 5 reels and 17 pay line video slot powered by Thunderkick. You can play this slot on all devices from desktop to tablet and mobile devices from 10p to £100 per spin. The slot has a creative theme based on the Russian Babushka dolls.

The slot comes with incredibly creative bonus features such as the Charm Bear, Scare Bear, Wipe Clean and Free Spins feature. The theme is a little unusual but this is nothing new for Thunderkick. Al the symbols are based on the Babushka Dolls also known as matryoshka dolls except for the wild symbol which is an egg. There are 7 coloured dolls and they range from high to low value.

The main aim of this slot is to fill the screen with the highest value babushka doll to trigger the Wipe Clean feature which pays out 100x your bet. This slot is extremely fun to play and highly creative with unexpected features such as a bear popping out of the wild symbol. Don’t fear as he only shows up to give the dolls a scare and you an upgrade in bonus wins.

This online slot might seem complicated or even a bit boring or “old school” at first but with its unique design, theme and bonus features you will find yourself getting lost in your spins just to see what the next bonus feature might do. It’s honestly one game you should try at least once.

Babushkas Online Slot Review

Look & Feel

The Babushka slot is truly unique in its theme, design and graphics. The reels are placed on a backdrop of a knitted scarf with green, blue and purple wool and the slot features 7 different coloured babushka dolls. The golden egg is the wild of the slot and features an animated bear that pops out with certain bonus features.

Interestingly enough the word Babushka means elderly woman or grandmother in Russian but the Babushka dolls features in the slot vary in age. The lowest paying babushka doll is a baby with a pacifier in her mouth, there are also young girls and many of the dolls will wobble and fidget and some might even be a little sassy and wink at you. The featured dolls come in 7 different colours which are pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and red.

Thunderkick genuinely did a spectacular job with this slot and the name displays the theme of the game. The dolls are beautifully designed and the backdrop just works perfectly with the theme and style of the slot. The animated bear will make you smile often and not just because of the winnings he brings but because of his sassy and temperamental behaviour.

Sound & Score

This Babushka slot features a traditional Russian music soundtrack that will increase speed when you’ve created a winning combination. The bear will growl and flirt loudly with the surrounding dolls and they will scream in fear and pop away. The sound along with the graphics are highly innovative and unique, it goes so well together that you almost won’t be able to help but fall in love with the quirky bear, the adorable dolls and the overall pay-out of the slot.

Bonus features and Gameplay

Symbol Upgrade:

Winning symbols of a specific rank/value will receive an “upgrade” which automatically scores you more winnings by creating a new or a longer winning line.

Wild Symbol:

The wild symbol of this slot is a golden egg with a W on it. If the egg has a star on it then one of three bear features will be triggered namely the Scare, Charm or Dance Bear feature:

Scare Bear:

The bear will pop out of the egg and growl at the dolls which will scare low-value symbols into upgrading into higher value symbols. The bear can growl up to 3 times depending on its size, with each growl he shrinks and at his tiniest, he will give an adorable baby growl which will leave you to love him even more.

Charm Bear:

The Charm Bear will pop out of the Wild egg and charm all the dolls into upgrading by 1 level.

Dance Bear:

The Dance Bear scores you 7 free spins during which a new wild egg will pop up on reel 3 with each spin. All other bonus features can be triggered during the free spins.

Wipe Clean:

If you manage to fill all the reels with the same coloured Babushka dolls you will be rewarded with up to 100x your stake.

Is it worth playing?

Yes! The Babushkas online slot is definitely one magnificent slot created by Thunderkick and you should try it at least once. The slot includes fantastic and fun bonus features that could result in big wins. You could also score up to 100x your stake with a single spin!

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