Vikings Go Wild – Online Slot Review

Vikings Go Wild Slot Feature

Vikings Go Wild slot is a five reel, four rows and 25 pay line 3D video slot and definitely something different from the norm Yggdrasil produces. Vikings Go Wild starts with an amazing intro video where you see a Viking Warrior becoming very friendly with a giant Octopus. If you look closely you might see that the Octopus resembles the Kraken which is a mythological sea creature that causes major destruction to ships at sea.

The symbols used in the slot are truly spectacular and manages to stay on point with the Viking theme. There are a lot of Big Bearded Vikings and also a sexy blonde lassie who proves her worth as a true warrior Viking. As expected there are gold, silver, bronze and green coins. When you are ready to unleash the warrior Vikings you can simply hit the spin button.

There is a Free Spins Feature, a Wild symbol that substitutes all other symbols and of course the fantastic treasure chest feature which will be discussed further down in the review.

Look and Feel

The Vikings Go Wild slot is an absolute stunner when it comes to the look and feel of the slot. The graphics and animations are a consistent mix of vibrant and colourful cartoonlike designs.

As mentioned above the Intro Video is really brilliantly done and definitely worth the watch. The graphics are extremely good and the sound just works so perfectly with the scene.

The perfect mix of graphics and sound makes you feel like you are part of the Viking adventure.

Vikings Go Wild Slot Screenshot

The symbols are obviously stunning and designed in such fashion to go with the theme. You can expect to see some bearded Vikings fighting a sea creature resembling the mythological Kraken. There is also a twist where you can see a beautiful lassie who too much surprise is not a damsel in distress but rather a feisty blonde Viking warrior with a sword.

The symbols are all animated and the squares tend to fire up when they are part of a winning combination.

The visuals are very satisfying indeed, even if you manage to strike a bad run the animated graphics make sticking around worth your while.

Sound and Score

The sound of this slot is out of this world. It is a truly epic soundtrack filled with adventurous sounds that gets you in the mood. As soon as you start playing you will find yourself believing that you too are a warrior to fight the monstrous sea creature.

You can hear the thunder in the background, the sound of the enraged warriors doing their best to fight off the Kraken and the rain falling on the stormy ocean surface. Yggdrasil has definitely done a great job with the sound and the graphics of the Vikings Go Wild slot.

Bonus Features and Gameplay

This slot does not have a lot of bonus features but the features on offer are most certainly worth it. The pay-out starts at 5x your coin value for four bronze or green coins. The top prize running at 250x your coin value can be claimed for the most handsome looking warrior but don’t get excited this one doesn’t have the best beard.

The Wild:

The Wild symbol substitutes all other symbols except the Free Spin symbol.

Free Spins:

The Free Spins feature is unlocked when you get three or more “Free Spin” symbols. If you get three symbols then you score eight free spins. Four symbols get you sixteen free spins and five symbols get you a massive twenty-four free spins.

Sticky Wilds:

During the free spins feature the Kraken awakens and causes massive mayhem. Each warrior symbol that appears on your reels will be expected to battle this monstrous sea creature and if they manage to survive they will turn into Sticky Wilds that remains in place for the rest of the free spins.

Treasure Chest Feature:

The treasure chest randomly pops up at any time during your spins. It can award you with coins and between eight and twelve free spins. During the free spins, it can also trigger the wild reel feature where an entire reel suddenly turns into a wild.

Is it worth playing?

Yes! This slot is absolutely brilliant. It is fun to play, it is busy and entertaining and the bonus features are worth raving about. Awaken the Viking within and go slay that Kraken!

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